Please be sure to read these before you use any content from Halcyon Graphics. If you continue usage of the website or it's content is automatically applied that you agree to these terms. Thanks!

01. Please download any graphics that you use to your own device. Do not copy and paste URLS.

02. Please do not alter and reupload anything from this site (aside from the content that I have directly expressed that you may edit I.E. bases and textures).

03. If you use any of my graphics, please credit me. A simple mention back to halcyon is all I ask (It really helps to get more site traffic).

04.If there is a watermark on anything or credit to Halcyon on anything, you may NOT remove it.

05. You may not use any aspects of my main layout to create your own layout or graphics. It is alright to use it for inspiration purposes, but that is it.

06. You may NOT direct link to Halcyon Graphics. This is not legal!

07. Please do not use profanity in (or spam) my chatbox! If you are using it for any means that I decide is inappropriate you will be banned.

08. Please be kind both to myself and other users (for instance on the chatbox or when emailsing me). I offer this site with graphics for free and only ask for credit where it is applicable. I work very hard in my spare time to ensure that Halcyon is the best it can be. Aside from hours of coding and designing, my heart and soul are put into this website.